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Hypnoanalysis is the most effective, quickest and long lasting therapy type and will be applicable for the majority of your issues. However there are occasions were suggestion therapy or relaxation techniques will be approbiate to give you a fast track to a happier und more fulfilled live. Below you will find descriptions of different methods to give you an idea.  Do contact at any time and I will be happy to advise.

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Suggestion hypnosis

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Achieving personal goals

Relaxation with hypnosis



Depending on your symptoms, your life situation and of course also your wishes, I will determine which of the therapeutical interventions are best suited for you. Hypnoanalysis is indicated when we deal with deeper rooted distotions. These distortions cause anxiety, phobias, panik attacks, depression, emotional problems, psychosomatic symptoms and problems in daily life, family and job.


Cause and effect

It is essential that together we establish the emotional causes, work on them and subsequently resolve these negative emotions. During the analytical Hypnosis session we will talk about troubling and traumatic events and past emotions connected to those events. Because only if we resolve these causes real and lasting improvements can take place. In most cases these causes are un-processed negative events in younger years. Looking back it might feel as if these events were not that significant or they feel like “dealt with”. Possibly, and that is the case in a lot of cases, we are not even aware of these events anymore. However, these causes are loaded with a lot of emotions and feelings. And even the smallest event that is linked to the original event can cause troubling, irrational, painful and hurtful reacions. Hypnoanalysis is the perfect tool to uncover these events, resolve and reframe. Usual number of sessions: 6 - 12, however this depends on your individual case and committment.


Free 1. Consultation

This is a process that requires complete mutual trust,and your desire to change and preparedness to invest time and effort. In order to get to know eachother I offer a FREE first consultation on my premises or over the phone/Skype. Only then we will decide if we will embark on this exciting and rewarding journey together. I am governed by professional secrecy and everything we discuss is completely confidential.

Suggestion Hypnosis

With Suggestion Hypnosis, treatment is administered in form of suggestions and no analytical intervention takes place. This type of therapy is commonly used to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome exam nerves, etc.

Usually only 1-3 sessions are required with the support of a tailor made hypnosis recording to practice self hypnosis on a regular basis at home. Practising self hypnosis combined with the positive reinforcements will enhance the therapy effect. It is also a fantastic tool for a brief escape from the daily routines, to relax and re-energize. Please note: Problems like obesity, heavy smoking, etc. are quite often the result of emotional problems. In those cases analysis is recommended and would promise better and longer lasting results.  

Persönliche Zielsetzung
Achieving personal goals
You want to be able to speak in front of people, confidently and convincingly?
You wish you had more motivation to get things done and reach your goals?
Or you want to be more self confident and self assured?
Suggestion hypnosis can help!

Relaxation through Self Hypnosis

Learn to relax with the help of self hypnosis, the ultimate method for relaxation.

Try it now! Click here, on the opening page press play and enjoy!



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