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Hypnotherapy Berlin
Hypnosetherapie Berlin

Time for change


So you have decided its time for change. Time to change for a happier and more balanced life. To overcome the obstacles in life that are holding you back. Now is the moment.

Congratulation, this is your first step on your towards success

Hypnotherapy in general and Hypnoanalysis in particular are very effective methods to treat a wide variety of psychological and also physical ailments. Owing to the way Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis work, the application range is huge: Anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, depression, compulsive disorders, eating disorders etc. Also psychosomatic illness respond very well to hypnoanalytical interventions.



Release of mental blocks


Many troubling symptoms originate deep in the subconscious mind. They are the result of negative experiences and trauma experienced at some stage in the past and the resulting negative emotions connected to these events. At the time your body copes with this traumatic experience by suppressing it. You could say this event is banned to the subconscious mind. At the time this mechanism made sense and allowed the person to function despite the troubling event. And as time goes by and the person is moving forward there is no reason anymore for this suppressed feeling to exist. By now this suppressed experience can cause problems in that person`s life without him/her actually noticing it. It interferes with daily life and makes the person suffer. The solution for these problems is the removal of this suppressed event.

It is diificult and at a lot of the times even impossible to access these memories consciously in order to be treated. And thats where hypnosis provides us with the perfect method for accessing the memories, to release the mental block and to subsequently free the negative emotions. With the help of the hypnotic trance and the released power from your subconscious mind you will be able use the body´s own healing mechanism and free yourself from the obstacles that are holding you back and start a happier and fulfilling life!



Hypnosis energizes and vitalises and is fun!


People that have already experienced hypnosis know of the positive and wonderful effects it has.

And you dont have to suffer from heavy neurotic symptoms to make use of hypnosis. It is also perfectly suitable for loosing bad habits and personal weaknesses. Together we will work with fun and positive energy and in most cases you notice an improvement straight away. Sometimes already even after the first session! Quite often one cannot really put the finger on what has changed, it happens automatically. But one thing people can say for sure. It feels great!



If you have the genuine desire and motivation to change something in your live, then I would love to meet you. Toget to know you and to work together towards your goals and dreams.



Allow yourself time and effort to remove these obstacles in your life so that you can lead a free and happier life!

Hypnosis Berlin
Muscle Relaxation Teaser
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Depression and Burn Out Tests

I invite you to take some short tests. Upon completing the test you will receive a personalised answer and preliminary advice from me. This is to give an indication and  is not designed to replace a diagnosis.

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